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Things to Know Before Purchasing Online!

12 June 2013 |  Posted in Ride On Mowers

Buying products online from unauthorised dealers can seem like a great way to get Husqvarna® products at a discounted price. However, doing so may subject you to the following risks:

  • Counterfeit Product & Safety Risk!

    There are an increasing number of counterfeit “Husqvarna” products sold online. Unlike genuine Husqvarna® products, these fakes typically have not passed any safety/performance testing and can pose a serious hazard. In many cases, it is very difficult for you to identify a fake product from the outside. Inside is where the differences matter, but you may not find this out until it is too late.

  • Loss of Manufacturer’s Warranty!

    Husqvarna’s warranty policy only covers Husqvarna® products that are purchased from an authorised Husqvarna dealer. So even if the product you purchase online is a genuine Husqvarna® product, you may end up with no manufacturer’s warranty. This could have a significant economic cost to you (i.e., for service and repair items that may otherwise be provided to you free of charge).

  • Loss of Husqvarna® Service & Spare Parts!

    Unauthorised dealers do not have access to Husqvarna training and service support, and may not have access to genuine Husqvarna replacement parts. As a result, you may receive substandard parts & service and/or no service at all. In addition, purchasing your product from an unauthorised dealer means your product will not be registered with Husqvarna®, meaning it will be very difficult to notify you in the event of any important safety issue (e.g., a recall or service call matter).The only way to avoid these risks is to buy your product from an AUTHORISED HUSQVARNA® DEALER like the RedShed Superstores and Melbourne's Mower Centre.

Michael Pollock

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