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How To Safely Transport A Commercial Ride On Mower

27 May 2014 |  Posted in Ride On Mowers
For many people, the transportation of a commercial ride on mower is a very real part of their everyday lives. Many workers have a handful of sites that they must maintain, many of them quite large, which requires access to a mower that will enable them to keep the lawn in check. Knowing how to correctly and safely load and transport the machine is of the utmost importance.
Step 1: Connect your trailer to the hitch on your vehicle, making sure that the tongue it secured to the ball and that safety chains have been connected. Make sure the vehicle is parked on a flat and level surface to reduce the risk of a rollover or other accident occurring.
Step 2: Lower the trailer's loading ramp or gate. Move the vehicle, if necessary, to ensure that the top of the ramp is resting completely on the ground. As an extra precaution, it is a good idea to place chocks or wood blocks under the wheels of the trailer to prevent it from moving.
Step 3: Sit on your mower and raise the mowing deck to the highest point. Start the machine up and slowly drive it up the ramp and onto the trailer bed. Attempt to event distribute the weight over the trailer's axle; a helper is appreciated for this task, as they can watch the movement.
Step 4: Stop the mower and ensure that the parking brake is secured. Lower the mowing deck to the lowest point and turn the machine off. Make sure that you leave the machine in gear, not in neutral, as this will help to prevent it from rolling around the trailer willy-nilly.
Step 5: Using the attached latches, ensure that the mower's engine hood has been secured. If your model doesn't feature latches, you can use a short ratchet strap to hold the hood down. This will prevent the wind from catching the hood and raising it during transportation.
Step 6: Raise and secure the trailer's ramp or gate. Place ratchet straps on both of the mower's axles and secure them to the bed or sides of the trailer. Attach another ratchet strap to the front of the machine and secure it to the front of the trailer. Do the same at the rear.
Whilst it may seem time consuming to complete all of the above steps when transporting a commercial ride on mower, it is of the utmost importance that you do to ensure the safety of yourself, your vehicle and the machine. Failing to secure the mower correctly could lead to a serious accident whilst on the road or to irreparable damage to your machine. 

Michael Pollock

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