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CubCadet XT1 LT42E Electric Ride On

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Item Name
: CubCadet XT1 LT42E Electric Ride On
Item Code
: 33ABA7ES330






Product Description:



Optional Attachments:

  • 19A70041100 - Mulch Kit: 42" - $169
  • 19A30031OEM - Catcher: 42" Decks - $839
  • 19B30029100 - Fast Attached Cargo Carrier - $359
  • 19A30038100 - Fast Attached Brush Guard - $169
  • 490-900-0067 - Fast Mower Sun Shade - $179



With a 56 Volt MAX, 60Ah, 3000Wh lithium-ion battery, easily charge your machine in a standard outlet. Mow up to two acres, or 1.5 hours, on a single charge without power fade. Recharge your mower in about 4 hours.

No need to buy petrol and minimal ongoing maintenance means the running costs are extremely low. Simply put it on charge when you're done and you're ready to go next time. No hassle, no fuss.

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