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Cub Cadet XT2 LX 42

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Item Name
: Cub Cadet XT2 LX 42
Item Code
: 13AZA4CS330


Comes with 6 Year Domestic Warranty!


The XT2 LX 42 is ideal for medium - large blocks. Ample power to get the job done quickly.

The XT2 Enduro Series delivers even higher levels of power, control and precision. Cub Cadet XT2 ride on mowers are ideal for more challenging terrain as well as hauling with responsive handling, versatility and the durability you can trust.


The LX 42 with a 679cc Cub Cadet® engine (shown) offers the efficiency and maintenance benefits of an Electronic Fuel Injected (EFI) engine. The EFI engine reduces maintenance and provides up to 25% less fuel consumption of an equivalent carburettor. The EFI engine also offers Push Button Start (PBS) to give you keyless starts – just push a button and go.


Automatic locking rear differential for all weather conditions and cutting terrains.



  • 679cc Cub Cadet V-Twin EFI Engine provides supreme power and amazing fuel economy
  • Automatic Diff Lock provides greater traction in slippery conditions and sloping terrain
  • 12 position cutting height adjustment
  • Electronic PTO switch allows easy engaging & disengaging of the blades and adds the versatility to use your mower for all your garden mowing & towing jobs.
  • Automatic Cruise Control, makes mowing large areas a breeze
  • Electric Push Button Starting
  • Patented SmartJet™ deck washing system to clean out deck debris
  • 107cm (42") side discahrge QuickAttach™deck, no tools required
  • RevTEK™ Reverse Mowing Technology allows mowing in forward or reverse 
  • Digital hour meter & service reminder ensures easier planning of scheduled maintenance

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