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Jump Start Pack

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: Jump Start Pack

TWM 2 in 1 12 Volt Jump Start Pack

- Great for jumpstarting cars, vans, light trucks, RVs, boats, snowmobiles; miles away from a power supply.
- Built in 3.6 watt spotlight provides ample light where there is no electricity.
- Provides up to 50 hours of use with all DC appliances with cigarette adapter.
- Overload protection provides for safe use.
- #4 AWG booster cables with 400 crank amps, 900 peak amps.
- 17 amp-hours sealed lead
- acid rechargable battery

Heavy duty 12V portable jumpstart system, material: PP plastic, Built-in 12V 17AH sealed-lead-acid rechargable battery Heavy duty CU booster cable, 60cm length, 900A peak current, 400A starting current, Built-in 260psi air compressor pressure gauge, on/off switch & 3pcs air nozzle adaptors, 12V 3.6W working lights, one DC 12V output socket, 12V 15A with automatic circuit overload protection, automatic cut off to prevent overcharging, Voltmetre show the battery level, one charging indicator LED light, Included AC/DC charging adaptor & 12V DC power cord. Length of wire: 0.6m, 400 crank amps


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