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Redgum GX200 Log Splitter

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: RedGum GX200 Log Splitter
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  Its hard to go past the RedGum GX200 HONDA powered log splitter. With its 3000psi splitting force, it is guaranteed to split YOUR wood or YOUR money back!The RedGum GX200 Log Splitter is powered by the Honda GX200 engine, which carries a 3-year commercial warranty! The RedGum GX200 Logsplitter is the one wood Log Splitter you can rely on to Deliver Reliable, Easy Starting, Fuel Efficient Performance, Day In And Day Out.               
Engine: Honda GX200
Displacement: 196 cm3
Net Power Output*: 5.5 HP (4.1 kW) @ 3,600 rpm
Capacity: 3000 Psi
Hydraulic Cylinder: 24" Stroke Hydraulic Cylinder rated to 3000 psi
Bore Size: 4"
Warranty: 2 Year RedGum / 3 Year Commercial Engine

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